Saturday, October 26, 2013

Resources for "A Soldier of the Great War: A Research Case Study"

On Saturday, October 26, 2013 I gave a talk at the Ottawa Public Library called "A Soldier of the Great War: A Research Case Study". The talk was a case study giving real-life examples. Below are the web pages I referenced in the talk.

Library and Archives Canada:
Main Page:
Service & Opening Hours:
User Card registration:
Soldiers of the First World War Search page:
War Diaries of the First World War:
Courts-Martial of the First World War:
Thematic Guides to Units of the CEF:
Service File Abbreviations:
Reading a Casualty Form:

Canadian Virtual War Memorial:

C.E.F. Paper Trail:

CEF Research :

Commonwealth War Graves Commission:

Internet Archive:

The Maple Leaf Legacy Project:

WW 1 Trench Maps (McMaster University):

WW1 Hospital Locations & Casualty Clearing Stations: 

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